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Experimental neuropsychological research



In the context of neuropsychological research with a focus on experimental and cognitive neuropsychology (e.g., generation of new test methods, ...), different neuroscientific methods (e.g., research EEG/event-related potentials, eye tracking, measurement of psychophysiological parameters, neuropsychological test procedures) are used.

Selected projects:

International Neurocognitive Profile (INCP) (Kontakt: neuropsychologie_screening

The development of new, reliable and valid procedures is an important contribution to the early detection of dementia. Currently, the International Neurocognitive Testprofile (INCP) is being developed in collaboration with the Medical University of Vienna ( The INCP is a tablet-based neuropsychological test battery and includes various neurocognitive tasks in the areas of attention language, learning and memory, executive function. Representative norm scores for healthy individuals are generated within the study. 

Visual attention phenomena

In the context of a combined event-related potential and eye-tracking study, electrophysiological correlates of various visual attention phenomena are investigated in an experimental study design.

Logical reasoning

Relationships between logical-inferential thinking, electrophysiological correlates, and the influence of framing are investigated experimentally.


An experimental research design is used to investigate relationships between lying, electrophysiological correlates, cognitive stress, and personality.

Theory of Mind

The cognitive and emotional performance of perspective-taking (Theory of Mind) is investigated with novel neuroscientific research methods in a Event-Related Potential study.

Metaphorical and Ironic Language

Correlations between figurative language and other cognitive performances will be investigated in children, adolescents and adults. Furthermore, electrophysiological correlates will be measured.

Emotional memory

In a combined event-related potential and eye-tracking study, psychophysiological parameters as well as electrophysiological correlates are investigated with regard to the memorization of emotional content.

Decision making behavior

Different manifestations of human decision behavior will be investigated with respect to their correlations with thinking, emotion and personality as well as their electrophysiological correlates.

Social interactions

The influenceability of the experience of social interactions is investigated regarding its connections with emotion and personality as well as its electrophysiological correlates.

Visual analysis of radiological images

Visual analysis of heterogeneous pathologies in radiological images will be investigated regardingtheir correlates with experience and personality in a combined event-related potential - eye-tracking study.