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Referenzzentrum für Kindliche Hirntumore

AG Haberler

Schwerpunkte: pädiatrische Hirntumoren, Fehlbildungen des ZNS, Epilepsie-Pathologie Christine Haberler

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  • The brain is the most fascinating and ingenious gift we have received.

  • We are interested in brain diseases of fetuses, children and adolescents, and study tumours and neurodevelopmental disorders/developmental neuropathologies.

    Pediatric brain tumours are the most common solid tumours and the most common cause of cancer death in childhood. Our research focuses on molecular diagnostic and prognostic markers of pediatric brain tumours. We are particularly interested in the tumour microenvironment and brain development and their role in tumour origin.

    Developmental malformations of the brain comprise a wide range of different disorders. We correlate pre- and postnatal MRI images with morphological phenotypes and genetic alterations for a better understanding of these disabling diseases.

  • Alumni (in alphabetical order):
    • Asuka Araki

    • Bernadette Becsi

    • Johannes Gojo

    • Sabine Kaindl

    • Dominik Kirchhofer

    • Philippe Muller

    • Harald Stefanits

    • Anna Walter